Breast cancer screening courses: the teacher’s tools

in Healthcare

As a dedicated sponsor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Belgium, Barco is doing its utmost to bring attention to this cause. That’s why, in October, we highlight stories on how our cutting-edge technology enables the early detection of breast tumors. Today: the remarkable case of Swedish radiology professor László Tabár.

Dr. Tabár has one mission in life: to encourage the early detection of breast cancer and thus increase recovery rates. To reach this goal, the committed professor organizes screening courses for radiologists, enabling them to read mammography results in the most efficient possible way.

Love at first sight

Of course, this is only possible if you have access to reliable equipment. That’s why Dr. Tabár makes use of over fifty Barco mammography displays and additional Barco technology, including Conference CloneView. “The images come up very quickly and in high quality,” says Dr. Tabár. “It was love at first sight.” For his groundbreaking course, the professor was awarded the Alexander R. Margulis Award for scientific excellence. Read the complete love story here.

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