Barco introduces two 3MP diagnostic displays with LED backlights, allowing radiologists to see more details

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Barco's Nio 3MP LED diagnostic display
Barco introduces two new diagnostic display systems: the premium grayscale Coronis 3MP LED and the high-bright Nio Color 3MP LED.

Enhancing clinical performance

Featuring 3MP resolution and using high-bright LED backlights, the new diagnostic displays enhance radiologist productivity and performance by making subtle details more noticeable more quickly.

Barco’s Coronis 3MP LED is the industry-leading display system for grayscale radiology imaging. It features an Intelligent Multi-Sensor Technology (I-MST) system, combining Barco's patented I-Guard front-of-screen sensor with backlight, ambient light and temperature sensors to optimize image quality. 

The new Nio display now comes with a brand-new front-of-screen sensor for on-demand image quality checks.

Maximum return on investment

Above all, Barco’s new 3MP diagnostic displays are an excellent investment for healthcare delivery organizations, as they increase throughput, save energy, and have an extended lifespan.

Together with Barco’s MediCal QAWeb solution for enterprise-wide, automated calibration, quality assurance and asset management, maximum uptime is guaranteed.

Additionally, Barco’s LED backlights produce less heat, requiring less cooling and reducing the overall operational costs for the hospital.

Both display systems come with a standard 5 year warranty.

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