Engaging a new generation with dynamic spiritual media

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American Bible Society
Transforming a 200-year-old institution to engage an up and coming generation is no small task. But American Bible Society succeeded with its newly renovated “urban lounge,” featuring HD quality religious infotainment displayed on Barco’s near-seamless LCD video walls. Working closely with Velocity Productions, Barco outfitted the newly redesigned atrium and gathering spots with 22 high resolution tiles in numerous configurations to present spiritual imagery and videos, live media streaming, and signage for upcoming events and services.

“When we began the design process, our goal was to create a warm, welcoming space that presented the Bible in a subtle way,” comments Matt Steinruck, Director of Arts & Media Bible Advocacy for American Bible Society. “The Barco displays helped us create a community experience, inviting people inside to relax, connect and engage with unique, creative content in a bright and dynamic immersive environment.”

A stunning four-by-two tiled video wall comprised of eight 46-inch Barco LCDs is the primary focal point of the Atrium’s new interior. Along 61st Street, six pairs of monitors show the same content outside as inside to attract passersby. Velocity Productions remotely monitors and manages the displays via a VPN remote desktop from its Atlanta office, using any mobile device.

Photo by Drew Hood

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