Caesars Palace comes alive with CinemaBarco

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CinemaCon BBB proj map
Celebrating its third straight year in transforming the Neptune Pool deck at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV, Barco and event production partners Five Stone Studios and DWP Live once again amazed and mesmerized CinemaCon attendees at Barco’s Belgian Beer Bar with a stunning 3D projection mapping event. Barco not only showcased its latest technology innovations, but took attendees on a magical journey called CinemaBarco which represents a new paradigm in cinema entertainment.

This year’s Belgium Beer Bar projection mapping event helped to further solidify that magical experience, following a series of exciting demos of Barco’s new Escape immersive entertainment platform.

“Listening to CinemaCon audiences gasp when they first witnessed the screens and projection all around them with “Escape," enveloping them in the movie experience, combined with our exciting debut of the first Barco 4K laser projector was quite a thrill for me as a new member of the Barco team,” commented Ted Schilowitz, Barco’s new CinemaVangelist.

For the projection mapping show, Barco used four HDQ-2K40 and six HDF-W26 projectors to create a huge 3D panoramic image covering a 96’ x 125’ area, featuring a single 3,072 x 2,160 pixel edge-blended image. The content, developed by Five Stone Studios, incorporated CinemaBarco branding that transported attendees on a journey through movie-making history.

“Barco was able to share our vision of CinemaBarco, while the show at Caesars really put big smiles on everyone’s faces. It was so much fun bringing back some serious showmanship to the Cinema experience – and the Belgian beer was pretty great, too!” concluded Schilowitz.

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