Bill Beck “The Laser Guy” joins Barco

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Bill Beck The Laser Guy
Building upon a successful launch and early market lead, Barco has invited Bill Beck to join the Barco team to further strengthen its leadership in laser-illuminated projection for digital cinema. Known as “The Laser Guy,” Beck has been on the leading edge of laser technology for more than 10 years, focusing his efforts on the image quality and operating benefits of laser illumination for cinema exhibition and other high-performance projection applications. In his new role, Beck will work closely with Barco’s Sales and R&D teams to further expand its reach into global markets.

Bringing a wealth of laser illumination expertise
As a photonics entrepreneur for more than three decades, and co-founder and former chairman of the Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA), Bill brings in-depth knowledge of laser technology and the specific requirements for its application. “Bill was one of the first to recognize the potential of laser illumination for premium digital cinema. We simply call him ‘The Laser Guy’,” comments Todd Hoddick, Vice President of Global Entertainment for Barco.

Extending Barco’s market and technology leadership
“Since its first demos in 2012, Barco has been the frontrunner in laser projection, establishing an early lead in laser illumination technology,” comments Beck. “Our new collaboration reflects a shared vision focused on achieving not only the best image quality, but also a commercially attractive laser projector that ensures safety, reliability, energy efficiency and a long lifetime. Their diligence in all of these areas is why I joined the Barco team.”

Barco’s New Laser Projector
Bill Beck will present Barco’s new laser-illuminated cinema projector at the Display Summit in Las Vegas on June 16 and will be attending CineEurope in Barcelona on June 18.


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