Holidays: a time to enjoy sports?

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Holidays are the time of the year when we’re determined to unplug from the daily routine. For some people, that means an interruption in their workout schedule. Others may grasp the occasion to climb an extra mountain, run that extra mile on the beach, play a game of tennis or soccer or take up swimming or cycling. Or watch sports on television. Whatever you prefer, we feel that ‘sports’ is related to holidays. And to Barco too!


As a worldwide visualization leader, Barco has been involved in quite a few major global sports events, over the past few years. 


The 2012 Olympics
Remember the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games exactly two years ago? As a trusted supplier of visualization solutions for the Olympics, Barco was hired to help create a truly grandiose spectacle to kick off the Games in London. Together with Tait Technologies, our colleagues from Barco LiveDots attached small LED panels to the 70,799 seats in the Olympic Stadium. Each LED device came set in a plastic paddle, so that the audience could pick them up and move them around, thus creating what was probably the largest video screen ever seen. Over 1 billion people tuned in to watch the opening ceremony and see our solutions light up the stadium …

On the race track
For those who prefer speed and the smell of gasoline to the Olympics: did you know that Barco helps ensure security at the world’s most recently built Formula One race tracks? When Lewis Hamilton won a thrilling Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix last April, race controllers were following his moves – and keeping a watch on the spectators - on a large Barco video wall that provided images from all the CCTV cameras along the track. The Abu Dhabi race track, which will host the Formula One battle in November, is equipped with just the same hi-tech Barco equipment!

The Brazilian soccer mania
And of course, we needn’t go back far in time to find a major sports event to which Barco contributed: the recent FIFA World Cup in Brazil. From the iconic Maracanã and Mineirão World Cup stadiums through to the Guarulhos International Airport: they all feature Barco solutions that helped ensure security during the event.

Keep an eye on our newsroom and reference sections to read more about the exciting projects for the World Cup in Brazil!


For those of you who prefer culture, museums or music during their holidays: check out next Friday’s summer newsroom post!

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