Barco’s laser projector wins Lumière™ Award from the International 3D Society!

These are really fascinating times for our digital cinema team! While everyone was excited to shoot the show of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga in our new Barco Escape movie format, five US theaters premiered with Fox’s release of ‘The Maze Runner’ on a Barco Escape installation, just last week. And then on Wednesday, our 4K laser-illuminated projector won a ‘Technology and New Product’ Award from the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society – a welcome recognition for many years of hard work!

Advancing the entertainment industry
The Society’s Technology Awards honor companies and organizations that advance the entertainment industry through innovative technology. The jury chose Barco’s DP4K-60L laser projector because they believe it ensures a more immersive movie-going experience, thus helping cinema exhibitors push out the boundaries of cinema.
Besides the Barco technology, the 3D & Advanced Imaging Society greatly appreciates Barco’s continual efforts to shape the cinema of the future. A few weeks ago, Barco joined the Society as a founding member. Wim Buyens, Senior VP Entertainment at Barco, became a member of the 3D Society’s Executive Committee and Board of Governors. He was invited to receive the Award during a gala luncheon at Paramount Pictures: “We are delighted that the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society acknowledges our efforts and our leadership in the industry, confirming that our laser projector truly helps leverage the cinema experience. It is a real honor to win this Lumière statuette.”

Read the full Award press release.

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