Barco Escape immersive theater experience debuts on Samsung Gear VR

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Barco Escape
Imagine looking around during key movie scenes and actually seeing what it would feel like to view the story all around you. That's what moviegoers will experience when they witness Barco's new Escape ultra-wide, multi-screen movie format on the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus device. "Barco Escape is all about the future of the immersive cinema experience, so what better way to showcase it than to introduce it along with Oculus and Samsung on their latest Samsung Gear VR headset," comments Ted Schilowitz, CinemaVangelist for Barco and 20th Century Fox's resident futurist.

The Escape content running on the Samsung gear VR simulates what moviegoers will experience when they go to the cinema to see a feature in Barco Escape format. The first opportunity to actually experience a movie in Escape will be 20th Century Fox’s "The Maze Runner," scheduled for release in select theaters on September 19th.

A visual wonderland
One of the featured content pieces for the Samsung Gear VR release will be “Ruin,” a short movie currently in development as a feature film by Fox director Wes Ball, with whom Barco worked to re-envision the piece. While Barco Escape is still in its early stages of deployment, the technology company saw the strong connection points between the “all around you” visual wonderland it is creating in theaters and the Virtual Reality experience Oculus offers. 

Coming to a theater near you!
Fans can see The Maze Runner at theaters equipped with Escape: Los Angeles, California; Davie, Florida; Plano, Texas; Woodridge, Illinois; and Redwood City, California; and Belgium.  For those fans outside of the cities currently equipped with Barco Escape theaters, the Samsung Gear VR allows them to get a glimpse of this new movie going experience through Virtual Reality.


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