Barco and D-BOX deliver best-value immersive simulation

in Training & simulation

Barco F22

Simulators use state-of-the-art audio, visual and motion cues to transport users to different worlds and augment training transfer. Barco and D-BOX Technologies, Inc. have combined innovations to create a powerful, immersive simulation experience at a fraction of the price of traditional systems.

TD-BOX Logorue-to-life training
As a turnkey developer of motion systems for industrial markets, D-BOX has created a top-tier motion cueing system that triggers cognitive reactions to touch and balance, while Barco’s F22 projectors set the standard for the best simulation projection devices around. The result is a prototype for an Embedded Tactical Team Trainer, demonstrating the most convincing and cost-efficient training environment for military personnel anywhere in the world.

From acceptable to outstanding
The F22’s WUXGA, 1080p and SXGA+ resolutions, with up to 3,300 lumens, meet the visual needs of every scenario. The projector makes smart use of valuable installation area and installation resources. Once mounted, lamp changes can occur with the projector in position, which saves both time and money in complex deployment environments. The effect is an unmatched level of performance, reliability, automation and customization in the Embedded Tactical Team Trainer. 

Click here for a detailed description of the Barco and D-BOX integration and Embedded Tactical Team Trainer in D-BOX’s latest news release.

Visitors to I/ITSEC 2015 can see the prototype at D-BOX’s booth #1026.

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