Barco supports non-profit organization ‘Het boothuis’ with LCD screen

Barco cares about people. And that includes both our colleagues and everyone around us. After last week’s ‘museum week’, we decided to put some charity projects in the spots this week. Like the one for AjKo, a Belgian organization that supports vulnerable teenagers.

Movie nights, gaming and sharing pics
One of the many AjKo projects is the ‘Boothuis’ (boathouse), an initiative that offers leisure activities – in a boat! – to socially deprived youngsters between 15 and 25 years old. On Wednesday and Friday evenings, the boys and girls are welcome at the boathouse to enjoy a good chat and some `fun’ activities – from sports, gaming and cinema through to parties –, which they choose themselves. Barco gladly donated an LCD screen for the group’s ‘mini theater’.

“The youngsters were proud to convert one of the boathouse rooms into a small theater. They’ve already planned a series of ‘movie nights’ and want to use the screen for sharing photos/videos of past activities, as well as for gaming purposes. Thanks so much, Barco, for providing us with this display,” said Tim Samijn, coordinator of the project.

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