Tips and advice on green renovations? Ask the experts, in the Barco-sponsored ‘Kyoto’ trailer

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Everyone is aware that ‘green renovations’ can actually help homeowners to make money. But how do you embark upon such a renovation project? To raise awareness and help inhabitants of neighborhoods around Brussels (Belgium), 15 municipalities launched the idea of the ‘Kyoto trailer': a mobile information center that travels from district to district. Barco happily supports the initiative with a Barco projector and a projection canvas.


Information + eye-catcher!
Belgium, like all European countries, has many buildings that were constructed at a time when building standards were low and insulation-quality poor. Inhabitants usually don’t relish embarking on a `green’ renovation project, struggling with questions like ‘Are we eligible for rebates?’, ‘How much energy can we save by insulating the attic, the walls or the cellar?’, ‘Which contractors can help us?’. The Kyoto mobile helps them out. The trailer, which was set up as a pilot project in the Brussels region, visits neighborhoods, from time to time, to provide free advice on sustainable renovations, help inhabitants with measurements, provide reports, etc.

Barco’s contribution? We were happy to equip the Kyoto trailer with a projector and a projection canvas. Their use is twofold: during the day, the consultants use the projector/canvas to provide information while at night, they help create a true eye-catcher in the neighborhood …

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