Saving energy in the medical industry

in Healthcare

Green TV
In a recent broadcast of Empresa Verde (Green TV), host Javier Garcia interviews Barco Healthcare business development manager Arturo del Toro about saving energy in the medical industry. The segment describes Barco’s commitment to public health in Mexico and to designing and manufacturing non-toxic, energy-efficient and reusable diagnostic display solutions.

“When it comes to Barco Healthcare, a great deal of care is taken in terms of providing and promoting public health and helping health professionals carry out their work in the best way possible,” comments del Toro.

Essential to this mission is Barco’s focus on ensuring that resource consumption is kept to a minimum, using less plastic and toxic materials, with emphasis on reutilization that is a circular economy. Our products are not only designed to be adapted to technological needs of the market, but with constant consideration of the environment.

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