Barco’s annual report 2014 goes platinum at Vision Awards

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The League of American Communication Professionals (LACP) has given Share, Barco’s annual report 2014, a platinum award at this year’s Vision Awards. With a score of 99 out of a maximum 100 points, the report was deemed exceptional in reflecting our corporate identity, core values and vision for the future in a transparent and aesthetically pleasing way.

In good company

Nearly 1,000 organizations participated, representing 25 countries. Among the participants were big-name companies like BASF, BMW Group, Coca-Cola, Daimler, Henkel, General Motors, Walmart, Volkswagen and Boeing. In addition to receiving a platinum award, Barco’s annual report was ranked 15th on the annual reports screened worldwide and 10th for the EMEA region. The Letter to the Shareholders was given a gold medal as well.

A memorable impression

“Barco’s annual report proves to be remarkable in light of tremendous competition,” said Christine Kennedy, LACP’s Managing Director. “The high level of creativity exhibited is supported by exceptional clarity in communicating this year’s key messages. In addition, it should be noted that accessibility to key information sought by readers is superb. Winners, such as Barco, demonstrated on outstanding focus on shareholders, their interests and their need to understand the strategic and tactical decisions of a company. We want to congratulate the entire team involved with this year’s work, and classify this entry among the best annual reports within its industry. Great job on making a memorable impression on the target audience!”

From bronze to platinum

Last year, Barco’s annual report already received a bronze award and is now awarded with a platinum award, reflecting the highest total score within the competition class. “This year, the team has really outdone itself in creating a comprehensive company report that is at once informative and to-the-point as well as visually attractive and transparent,” says Carl Vanden Bussche, Director Investor Relations at Barco.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Download and read our annual report here!

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