What did directors think of flagship laser projection at the Ostend Film Festival? (video)

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Nic Balthazar
Early September the red carpet was rolled out at the Casino Kursaal in Ostend (Belgium) for the 10th edition of the Ostend Film Festival. Our flagship laser projector helped turn Ostend’s most iconic venue into an amazing movie theater – to screen the movie with the best possible image quality.

Première of Everybody Happy

At the opening night Everybody happy, the latest movie by Belgian director Nic Balthazar, premiered in Barco's flagship laser projection. For this movie, Balthazar was awarded as Best Director at the Montreal World Film Festival. 

It’s been a blast! In such a wonderful theater which isn’t made for theater. Thanks to Barco it became the best projection I’ve seen so far of my films.

Nic Balthazar

Curious to hear what other directors had to say after seeing the movie in flagship laser projection? Watch the video below for some live impressions.

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