The magic of the movies, as a way to briefly escape the harsh life in a refugee camp

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Offer compelling experiences to as many people as possible: that’s the key objective of our Entertainment division. We were therefore happy to help set up temporary cinemas in four refugee camps in the province of Erbil, Kurdistan (Iraq), together with our business partner Cinemeccanica. ‘Les Ecrans de la Liberté’, as the initiative is called, offers the refugees a window on the world and a way of escaping the harsh living conditions in the camps. A mission well accomplished, as appears from the positive feedback.

Digital cinema equipment
‘Les Ecrans de la Liberté’ was initiated by ‘World Cinema’, an organization set up by Frédéric Namur – the architect and cinema builder who laid the foundations of long-term Cinemeccanica/Barco customer CAP Cinéma. Namur was so shocked about the living conditions in the 27 refugee camps around Erdil, that he decided to install temporary cinemas where refugees can come together to watch movies, live football matches, concerts, documentaries, etc. Barco and Cinemeccanica stepped to the plate by donating Barco projectors as well as speakers, amplifiers and Blu-ray for the ‘temporary cinemas’.

Brief escape from reality
Namur had seriously doubted whether his small entertainment hubs would be the most useful thing to do for the people living in these dramatic circumstances. The feedback, however, is heartening. For the past couple of months, the ‘World Cinema’ team has been organizing two screenings per day in indoor and open-air cinemas. The over 2,000 children who had the chance to enjoy blockbusters like Ice Age, Spiderman or Minions, were thrilled to bits. Adults, who have the chance to view both blockbusters as well as less mainstream movies, are happy to get away from it all, for just a few hours.

Sharing a passion for the movies
Both Barco and Cinemeccanica are passionate about the movies. We are happy to share our expertise and passion to provide these people with a way to escape the harsh living conditions of the camps.

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