Salud Digna enhances radiology with 20 Coronis Uniti® display systems

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“The Barco display offers greater security while making a diagnosis. Having an excellent resolution of the images allows them to be evaluated in much more detail and in a shorter time,” comments Yito Palafox, MD, radiologist specialist in breast imaging and intervention.
Salud Digna para Todos I.A.P. in Mexico supports prevention and timely diagnosis, offering Ultrasound, X-Ray, Mammography, MR, and CT exams in 66 clinical centers in more than 30 cities. In 2016, the organization provided diagnostic services to more than 6.5 million patients, with a goal to serve 7 million more this year. To achieve this target, Salud Digna invested 20 Coronis Uniti® medical grade display systems.

The Salud Digna team appreciates the many unique features of the Coronis Uniti®, such as the 33” screen, multimodality imaging capability, 12 MP resolution and the innovative productivity tools that allow image modifications.

"All of this detail is incredible. With better image quality, I move faster," comments Albert Uriegas, MD - Radiologist and Intervention Specialist at Salud Digna.

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