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ProMedica mammgraphy
With the increased focus on breast imaging to aid in early cancer detection, radiologists must read a growing number of exams – 2D and 3D mammography, moving images, MR and US – to produce a thorough diagnosis. During RSNA in Chicago this month, Barco experts discuss “Important Considerations for Multimodality Breast Imaging” and present ways to transform the workflow.
“Increasingly, breast density reporting requirements in most of the United States drive the need for additional imaging exams,” comments Albert Xthona, Strategic Product Manager for Barco Healthcare. “With more than 40% of women over 40 having this condition, multimodality breast imaging is on the rise, and the challenge is to maintain an efficient workflow while reading hundreds more exams.” 

ProMedica mammographyViewing all exams on one display can provide distinct advantages, from facilitating comparison of breast images to streamlining the overall workflow. Vitally important is the high image quality obtained from brightness and resolution to show the smallest details, calibrated color to indicate both functional data and CAD marks, and solutions to counteract motion blur during scrolling of DBT images (now required in accordance with the ACR-AAPM-SIIM Practice Parameter for Determinants of Image Quality in Digital Mammography). 

The 12-Megapixel Barco Coronis Uniti® display system offers these features and more, allowing radiologists to view all modalities 1:1 on a single screen without excessive panning and zooming. Trying to minimize eye and neck strain, as well as back pain, the display has a unique design and form factor.

Learn more – attend the booth talk!
Visitors are invited to attend the daily session “Important Considerations for Multimodality Breast Imaging” in South Hall A, Barco Booth #1311, from November 26-29. Click here for detailed session information and event times.

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