Barco redefines the limits of reality at I/ITSEC 2017

in Training & simulation

I/ITSEC 2017 Logo
Barco will present its latest innovations in immersive visual and audio technologies for simulation and training at I/ITSEC in Orlando starting November 27.
November 27 – December 1
Barco booth #848
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

What's in store
Our simulation and training solutions elevate any existing or new training system to never-before-seen levels, and cannot be duplicated by any other simulation projection provider in the market.

Barco AudioCue - don’t just train your eyes
For the first time at I/ITSEC, Barco will demonstrate the heightened level of sound that results when audio cues are totally integrated and aligned with visual cues in a real-time scenario. High impact visuals from 3x Barco F70 4K UHD projectors will combine with immersive 3D sound from a Barco AudioCue processing system in a fully integrated solution with Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ VBS Blue IG.

Learn more about Barco AudioCue

Experience audio immersion and get a chocolate gift!

Get a premium Barco AudioCue chocolate bar when you immerse your senses with sound and taste from Barco AudioCue! Simply take a selfie on our booth #848 and share your picture on Twitter or Facebook tagging @Barco and #AudioCue to receive your gift! “Say chocolate!”

F80F80 projection series - NEW reference for small arms training systems
Check out the latest F80 laser phosphor projector (click for spec sheet). It features our proprietary Barco Pulse electronics platform for enhanced image processing, low latency and with intuitive user interface. See how it showcases target identification for weapon skill development training using content from Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

Barco “surprise” next-generation F-series projector

Stop by our booth for a real surprise – it’s one you won’t want to miss! We can’t say much more, other than it leverages our expertise in optical design and advanced Barco Pulse electronics platform, with content support provided by CAE.

Making an encore performance at I/ITSEC

F70F70 4K UHD projection series
Already supporting several prestigious programs, the Barco F70 4K UHD laser phosphor projector is a robust, powerful model that fulfills the high demands of the training and simulation industry.

Barco Everywhere!
This year at I/ITSEC, there are 17 partner demonstrations using a total of 65 Barco projectors and 4 AudioCue processors in dynamic applications around on the show floor!

See a few highlights below and visit our Event page to see all of the locations you can find Barco simulation projectors at I/ITSEC. 

  • QauntaDyn Corporation - Booth #807 – an immersive JTAC display system using 4 x Barco FS70-4K6 projectors and Barco AudioCue to demonstrate the importance of combining high-fidelity visual with immersive sound when training for Joint Terminal Attack missions on the battlefield. QuantaDyn will also demonstrate Barco AudioCue in a law enforcement scenario on the same booth.
  • project: syntropy - Booth #1723 – a 6 x F70-4K6 projectors in a helicopter dome application. has developed ProjectionTools that take advantage of the powerful built-in warp and blend functionality of the Barco Pulse electronic platform to achieve a perfect image across the 6 projector channels.
  • 3D perception – Booth #1070 – Celebrating their 20th anniversary, 3D perception is showcasing 4 x F70-4K6 projectors in a large FOV auto-aligned and perfectly seamless Northstar spherical display system. The F70 line of projectors have been certified for use in 3DP’s Northstar turn-key, integrated simulation display solution.
  • MES Simulation & Training booth #970 – showcasing 6 x F50 WQXGA and AudioCue in a US Marine Corps JTAC system.
  • Immersive Display Solutions, Inc. - Booth #1273 – 3 x F50 WQXGA in their Vision Station 3 in addition to setting up visual displays with several strategic partners around the show floor.
  • Esterline – Booth #827 – along with supplying strategic partners with Barco projectors around the show floor, Esterline will be showcasing a 3 x F70-4K6 curved screen solution along with 5 x F50 WQXGA projectors in their transportable dome setup, TD-550.

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