4 ways to optimize your medical display investment

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Despite the challenge of reducing costs and the projected shortage of skilled medical professionals, improving quality of care and patient outcomes are the leading priorities in healthcare today. Recent trends such as hospital consolidation, stricter medical compliance and healthcare regulations are driven by the need to balance medical expenses with value-based healthcare. This evolution means you need to get the most out of every investment, including your medical displays. 

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There are a few best practices to help healthcare IT optimize their medical display fleet in order to safeguard the accuracy of diagnoses and the efficiency of treatment.

  1. Stable luminance
    To ensure the luminance output remains steady over time, you need high-precision photometers and a software solution to help you track compliance with luminance standards.

  2. Keeping up with compliance
    How do you ensure continuous compliance when requirements and standards are constantly evolving? An advanced QA management service can help you manage this, provided it automates calibration, compliance, testing and reporting.

  3. All-inclusive warranty
    Check the warranty conditions of your medical displays! Most medical displays offer a 5-year warranty, and it should apply for all display components.

  4. Fit for the future
    It is important to prepare for future advances in medical visualization and also to proactively plan to update and refresh your equipment so the investment can be phased in over multiple years.

If you want to know more, download this ebook, in which we’ll discuss 4 ways to maximize the performance of your medical displays.

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