The power of full Barco laser comes to Switzerland’s Pathé Mall

in Cinema

With its sweeping mountainous vistas, picturesque lake and beautiful cityscape, it’s hard to imagine an image in Lucerne that could rival real life. Or is it? In November, the city’s brand-new Pathé Mall cinema opened its doors. Here, moviegoers can enjoy images that are larger than life – thanks to Barco laser projection.
Cost-effective + great images

Home to 12 theaters with generous, luxurious seating, the Pathé Mall cinema caters to even the most discerning moviegoer. With the help of integration partner CinemaNext France, all halls were fully equipped with laser: while the largest theater features a Barco Flagship Laser DP4K-30L projector, the rest rely on our Smart Laser projectors. The result? Premium image quality that’s also unbelievably cost-effective, as every screen is equipped with the Barco solution that suits it best.

Breathing life into images

Besides the most recent blockbusters, the Pathé Mall cinema will also offer live performance arts broadcasts. The Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow and the Metropolitan Opera of New York City feature on its list of showings. What better way to represent real life than through Barco laser technology?

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