CineAsia: find out why “laser is the only future” for projection

According to Lim Eng Hee, CEO of MBO in Malaysia, “laser projection is the only future” for exhibitors. He should know, as his company just unveiled the first all-laser cinema in the country with Barco projectors and is set to refurbish many of his other theaters and even create new ones.

What makes him so enthusiastic? 

We could talk about the improved image quality. Or the convenience of abandoning lamps once and for all. Or the reduced costs of using Barco laser compared to other systems.
But we have a better idea. Why not drop by our booth at CineAsia from 11 to 14 Dec? We will have Smart Laser and Flagship Laser projectors on hand. We will also be running demo sessions where you can ask all the questions you have about how and why to go laser this year. 

Let’s talk

Let’s talk details. Let’s talk about building an experience that is great for the audience and your bottom line. Let’s talk about getting a better return on your investment.
You’ll see why Barco laser “is a revolutionary game changer for the big screen experience” in the words of Sebastian Fong, Manager, Projection Management at Golden Village Multiplex in Singapore.

In fact, why not book a meeting right now ? Booth #301 is where the action will take place.

Barco at CineAsia

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