Rolling out the red carpet for the European Digital Cinema Forum

in Cinema

Is there a better place than our Barco One Campus to discuss cinema innovations like HDR, HFR, 4K and laser projection? We bet there isn’t! So, we were delighted to host the second annual convention of the European Digital Cinema Forum (EDCF) this week. After a guided tour of our experience center, the 50+ EDCF members enjoyed the inspiring setting of our One Campus to share insights and opinions on digital cinema in 2018 and beyond.
The voice of European cinema

Name a big name in European cinema and you’ll find they’re EDCF members. Barco too, supports the organization. Together with European film studios, cinema chains and other technology experts, we all share the same objective: act as a forum to discuss key issues surrounding digital cinema in Europe.

Share, swap ideas and learn

In its second year now, yesterday’s EDCF annual convention was just the perfect event to discuss EDCF’s future role and learn about new cinema technologies. A sentiment echoed by David Hancock, President of the EDCF, who commented: “We have planned a full day around the most exciting topics that are engaging the industry at the moment. The idea of the EDCF is to share, and we aim to provide an impartial platform for all industry professionals to swap ideas, opinions, and information on, but also to learn about all aspects of the cinema technology sector. We particularly thank our friends at Barco for their generosity in hosting this year’s meeting.” Thanks, David, the pleasure was all ours!

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