Barco invests in clinical research for outcome-based healthcare

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Barco clinical research for outcome-based healthcare
At Barco, we look at technology through our customers’ eyes. How can we use our technology and application knowledge to bring more affordable healthcare to ever more patients?
It’s this question that drives us to meet with clinicians and understand their clinical challenges and workflow realities with the aim of developing efficient healthcare solutions. We are happy to see that these efforts do not go unnoticed. 

"We don't bring technology just for the sake of technology"
Lynda Domogalla, VP Product Marketing Barco Healthcare
At the 2017 SPIE Medical Imaging conference, we were honored with a Cum Laude Poster Award for our research on “Panning Artifacts in Digital Pathology Images.” This research was also one of the key topics during the AIDPATH congress last year where we brought together academia and industry peers to discuss the needs in digital pathology. We are aware that many challenges need to be tackled before digital pathology will see broad adoption in the market. 

The same is true for color medical imaging. It’s remarkable that there’s still no official standard of how color medical images are visualized, despite the increased use of color to display clinically relevant information. Our research clearly indicates that there’s a need for a new calibration standard to ensure the color accuracy of medical displays. We’ve been working on the development of such a standard to support more accurate interpretation of color images. 

Diving into the world of our customers helps us understand their needs and allows us to focus on bringing solutions which offer true clinical and workflow value. It’s how we develop technology, not just for the sake of technology, but for the sake of improving health outcomes worldwide. 

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Lynda Domogalla
Lynda Domogalla is Vice President of Product Marketing at Barco. She holds a degree in architecture from the University of Oregon. With over two decades of marketing and management experience, she is heavily involved in the go-to-market strategy for new products and in driving sales and partner enablement for Barco’s extensive healthcare portfolio

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