Boardroom battles at the highest level with the CSE-800: moderation, blackboarding and annotation

in Lobby and Experience Centers

From small huddle rooms to corporate boardrooms, from breakout rooms to giant auditoriums, they feature all kinds of people, each with their own devices and preferences. Every type of meeting room comes with a different type of meeting room user. One more demanding than the other. When talking about boardrooms, IT and Facility departments need to step up their game and bring meeting efficiency and simplicity to the highest possible level.
The newest ClickShare addition, the CSE-800, introduces a set of brand-new features designed especially to win boardroom battles. This boardroom solution will surely impress your C-level decision makers because…
"Board room members tackle many topics in a short span of time.
Focus on content and collaboration is key."

With the option of connecting two 4K screens and sharing the presentations of up to 8 people at the same time, it is extremely important to keep the focus. Monitoring and selecting what you discuss and share on screen, can help. For the first time we bring moderation to the ClickShare device. Today the CSE-800 is the only ClickShare model with this feature.  With the ClickShare button you can launch a client from which you select and moderate what you share on the meeting room screen. No installation or training needed. Whether you are a board member, consultant, guest or corporate employee, you can plug in the ClickShare button and start moderation.

Next to this, ClickShare enables a true collaborative experience with new features like blackboarding and annotation. Management can discuss presented content and make annotations or notes while doing so, creating an elaborated environment for ideation.

Demo on the new features: annotation and blackboarding.

Check out the short demo videos on moderation, blackboarding and annotation features of the CSE-800
Guest technology expert, Angela Lamont, interviews Barco’s Product manager Michaël Vanderheeren at Barco's new headquarters.

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