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Firmware Updates

At Barco we are continually working to improve our products and services so that we can offer our customer base the best possible ClickShare experience. Therefore we regularly release firmware updates to introduce new features, resolve outstanding software bugs and improve the user experience. We do encourage customers to update their boxes when new releases come out; not only can they resolve existing bugs, they can also enjoy new features, too. What’s new this quarter?

Firmware release 1.3.4 for CS-100 and CSE-200

A newly released firmware update for the CS-100 and CSE-200, the 1.3.4, tackles some field issues reported by customers. Update to this version in case you are experiencing button connection issues when the unit recovers from standby mode or when another source (e.g. a motion detector) causes interference. Do keep an eye out for another new release towards end of May where some interesting new features, like extended desktop for Windows 10 will be added.

Collaboration Management Suite 1.3

Device management has never been easier thanks to the new Collaboration Management Suite! This software tool allows you to centrally manage your ClickShare fleet from any location, even remotely. This downloadable, web-based program is especially useful in large corporations with many ClickShare Base Units installed across different sites. A huge time saver, as it allows you to simultaneously update and configure all your ClickShare Enterprise devices.

The updated version includes new features, such as the Control panel functionality, that gives a quick view on whether or not all Base Units are running fine and that allows you to adjust the Base Unit settings smoothly. It also supports the new CSE-800. With a new wizard to guide you, it will also be easier to change your Base unit settings and update the firmware of your units.

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