Cinema exhibitors trust Barco laser projection to deliver amazing movie experiences while reducing operating costs

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While an increasing number of cinemas choose to install one or more laser-illuminated projectors, the number of all-Barco laser cinemas is also growing rapidly: more than 50 theater complexes, including 20 in EMEA, are now all-Barco laser multiplexes. These sites utilize a combination of Barco Flagship Laser and Smart Laser projectors to provide their audiences with the best possible movie experiences while optimizing TCO.

Portfolio with attractive TCO

Barco’s laser offering now includes 15 projectors: six Flagship Laser and nine Smart Laser projectors. The portfolio’s attractive total cost of ownership – high image quality, no lamps, low power consumption, long lifetime, and low maintenance – has enabled the rise of all-laser multiplexes. Today, more than 50 multiplexes have chosen Barco as their laser partner, outfitting every one of their theaters with Barco Flagship and/or Smart Laser projectors. The growth was even more impressive in EMEA, where the number of all-laser cinemas grew from 1 to 20 in less than a year.

Among the EMEA-based cinema chains that have converted or committed to go all-Barco laser are Grinn (Russia, 9 screens), Cinamon (Baltics, 23 screens), CinemaCity (UAE, 7 screens), Apollo Kino (Estonia, 6 screens), Sena (Iceland, 5 screens), Cinema City/Cine World (Poland and Czech Republic, 37 screens) and REEL Cinemas in UAE (22 screens).

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