ClickShare CSE-800: First in class!

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ClickShare CSE-800: First in class
“Overall, the Barco ClickShare CSE-800 offers a compelling combination of flexibility, usability, and performance. For those seeking an exceptional, enterprise-ready, wireless presentation experience, the CSE-800 will not disappoint.”
wainhouse reasearch an independent analyst firm, conducted a recent hands-on testing of Barco’s newest ClickShare family member in May 2017. The third-party assessment on our CSE-800, the ultimate boardroom presentation solution, received the highest praise, also on the exclusive, new CSE-800 features like blackboarding, moderation and annotation.

A few highlights from the report:

"The CSE-800 is the flagship wireless presentation product from market leader Barco. As a part of this assessment, we took the CSE-800 through its paces, and in almost all areas the CSE-800 met or exceeded our expectations.

  • Content sharing from PCs using the ClickShare Buttons and the wired (HDMI) content input worked extremely well, offering very high quality, full-motion images.
  • Content sharing from mobile devices using the beta ClickShare app also worked well.
  • Content sharing using AirPlay (Mac PCs and iOS devices) and Google Cast (PCs and Android devices) worked like a charm."
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