Have You Turned It On And Off Again?

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Guest blog on Presentation Technologies And I.T. Alchemy: Inma Martinez, technology pioneer and data scientist

The Internet Of Things society is about to explode in the next 5 years, propelled by home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Echo and runner up Google’s Home, which not only launch applications like Uber or Spotify, but will soon render your mobile keyboard obsolete. In contrast, presentation technologies like WebEx or GoToMeeting, or even joining a simple conference call bridge, are legacy systems that remain the biggest support ticket for most enterprises, according to a recent report conducted by Vanson Bourne. 

Strange apparatuses on the workfloor

One would be inclined to assume that Millennials, with their digital savvy lifestyles would be the least affected by this in the work place, but it is precisely the opposite. According to the study, generation X employees are the ones with the most frequent kerfuffles when making projectors talk to laptops or logging into webinars. The reason has been brewing over the last ten years of mobile user experience: our phones almost read our minds and we have gotten so spoiled about it, that desktop softwares and non-portable hardware devices have become strange apparatuses that only the I.T. guys know how to work out. Even when I.T. support deploys the patience of a saint guiding employees over the phone on how to fix a problem, solving presentation technologies tickets takes the longest to resolve – about 69 per cent, compared to fixing WiFi failures (60%) or even kicking the old printer to function again (52%). 

Are Digital Natives the coolest?

Digital Natives, which is how the Millennial techno cool cats like to call themselves, have grown up spoiled by seamless, on-demand, instant gratification services such as Amazon, Netflix and even Deliveroo. So when asked to learn how to fix the problems themselves, they refuse to accept that there must be more than one-click to resolve why a laptop does not connect to a screen in a board room, exhausting I.T. resources which should be occupied with much bigger bugs to fix or cyber security issues to address. Sometimes, and you yourself have been the witness of this, the whole drama occurred because someone kicked off a cable on the floor, and miraculously it is the I.T. guy the only one to notice, while the whole conference call with a big budget client was halted for fifteen minutes.

Presentation tech tinkering

Presentation technologies are not a straightforward issue. They involve both software and hardware awareness and the “tinkering” instinct that I.T. engineers have, something that most people don’t. Inter-connectivity will be the most phenomenally step forward in communications technologies in the short-term and it is an issue that needs to be addressed by the industry, and probably before we bring more A.I. systems into the office and end up living oxymoronic situations when in the future, the admin assistant robot has to turn the projector on and off, or download a newer version of the video conferencing software within seconds of a call because the company CEO is still running around with a 2017 version.

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