Barco LED lights up LA skyline

OUE Tower 1
When OUE principals embarked upon a grand renovation of a newly acquired LA skyscraper, they envisioned a dramatic lobby display to welcome guests as well as intrigue passersby.

OUE’s ambitious vision called for the wildly creative and technical talents of David Niles, artist and founder of Niles Creative Group. Faced with stringent air conditioning limitations by the Los Angeles Building Department and the addition of a glass wall facing the hot, southern California sun, Niles had to design a project that was as “green” as it was visually spectacular. 

Niles’ concept featured a custom, ultra-high resolution Barco-Silicon Core LED video wall, delivering a seamless, photorealistic panorama of imagery. This first-ever collaboration resulted in an innovative 4’ x 6’ submodule supported by a Barco-fabricated mechanical frame with built-in processing.The final 127’ by 17’ LED screen is comprised of 1,248 custom, high resolution 4.5mm pixel pitch tiles, featuring an astounding pixel resolution of 8500 x 1440 (more than 12.2 million pixels). Imagery is so clear and precise that it often appears 3D.

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