Children's care in pictures #1

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A Coronis Uniti in use at Caritas Baby Hospital Bethlehem, Palestine

We help improve health outcomes in hospitals all over the world. But as children are our greatest treasure, we take most pride in our contribution to the betterment of pediatric care. In the picture today is Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem, Palestine.

In 2016, Caritas Baby Hospital provided medical assistance to 46,000 children. To ensure the best possible healthcare outcomes, Children’s Relief Bethlehem launched a thorough radiology department renovation (funded by USAID).

A Coronis Uniti in use at Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem, Palestine

The hospital became the first hospital in Palestine to deploy Coronis Uniti®. Dr. Rafiq Al-Bad, Head Radiologist at CBH says: “The image quality is outstanding. Images are of high-resolution, and the colors are exceptionally crisp. This helps us to better detect anomalies in conventional and contrast radiology, CT scans and MRIs.”

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