More ease-of-use with our updated Collaboration Management Suite

in ClickShare

Firmware release 1.2 for CSE-800

With our web-based Collaboration Management Suite, IT managers can centrally manage the entire fleet of ClickShare units in the company, even remotely. The ClickShare ease-of-use is also reflected in the maintenance of your units: executing or scheduling firmware updates, consulting a range of information, and making sure all units perform optimally. Recently we’ve updated our Collaboration Management Suite and focused on improving your user simplicity even more.

What’s new:

  • automatic notifications of new Firmware updates
  • a new base unit reboot wizard
  • an export functionality for the base unit list
  • the possibility to customize user roles. 

How to use our Collaboration Management Suite?

Download this free software now and enjoy the efficiency ClickShare brings to your business.
Manage and update all your ClickShare units anywhere you want, any time you want. 

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