Why 5MP is the standard for mammography

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Why 5MP is the standard for mammography

Industry organizations around the world have defined standards and guidelines for mammography imaging to warrant the quality of mammogram screenings. There is the FDA (US), EUREF (Europe), the Central Committee on Quality Control of Mammographic Screening (Japan) and the ACRAAPM- SIIM Practice Guideline for Determinants of Image Quality in Digital Mammography (US).

So what do these standards have in common? They all recommend the use of monitors with a minimum spatial resolution of 5 megapixels in the case of breast screening. And it’s just a matter of time before these guidelines will expand to other regions beyond the US, Japan, and Europe. Countries are starting to adopt their own standards. For multi-site hospitals, this poses challenges as to how to maintain their medical displays and ensure 24/7 compliance with different standards.

But why exactly should mammography displays contain a minimum of 5 million pixels? Why has 5MP become the standard for mammography? Read the full story in the Why you need a 5MP display for mammography screening ebook and learn how to:

  • increase visibility of subtle image details 
  • comply with medical regulations 
  • improve reading productivity
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