Event Master trade-in meets with success

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Exceptional deal still runs until 15 September 2017

Launched just prior to Infocomm, the S3 trade-in is proving a success. The deal enables users to trade in old gear and receive very healthy purchase credits on an Event Master S3-4K or S3-4KJr.

  • € 2,500 credit for every purchase of a S3-4K Jr accompanied by a trade-in
  • € 2,000 discount credit on a consequential upgrade of a S3-4K Jr to a S3-4K
  • Or, € 4,500 credit for every purchase of a full S3-4K accompanied by a trade-in.

The trade-in is valid for Barco and other image processors. All the relevant equipment is accepted, no matter what condition it is in. No questions asked! Download the details here.

Now more interesting than ever

For users, there could be no better time to leapfrog into 4K. This is where the whole industry is heading. What’s more, new product releases since Infocomm make the deal even more interesting. For example, Barco has since released the EC 30 - the perfect desk for the sort of events the S3 was designed for. The S3 also links to new Barco interface cards that make it even more flexible.

So the time to step up to 4k really is now!

List of eligible equipment to trade-in:-

1. ScreenPRO

2. ScreenPRO Plus

3. ScreenPro II

4. BlendPRO II

5. Diventix (AW)

6. Diventix II (AW)

7. Pulse II (AW)

8. Nextage (Any) (AW)

9. Ascender (Any) (AW)

10. Spyder (Christie)

11. Spyder X20 (Christie)

The purchase and corresponding 1-on-1 trade-in must be made before 15 September 2017. Local dealers have all the details and order codes.

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