Barco OpSpace shines at Bosch Convention in Sao Paulo

in Security & transportation

Bosch Security Event 1
Bosch Security Systems recently hosted a two-day convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil featuring nearly 100 of its security partners and system integrators. Several types of venues and applications were highlighted, from airports to financial institutions, featuring large billboards and real-life situations during demos. With a keen focus on security and surveillance, the event was the perfect venue to showcase Barco OpSpace and other visual collaboration solutions.
OpSpace revolutionizes the control room operator’s world
Bosch Security event 2Barco prominently featured a real-live OpSpace demo, showing how the solution empowers control room operators with one view, total control – for viewing, monitoring and interacting with multiple clients residing on many networks with different security clearances or liability concerns. With OpSpace, all relevant information can be consulted and manipulated within a single pixel space, with just one mouse and keyboard. In this way, the operator is at the center of the information and has all data within easy reach.

Strength in numbers – Barco Strategic Alliance program

At the event, the alliance integrations between Barco-Bosch and Barco-Genetec software were demonstrated as joint solutions for the audience. Barco presented its OBLX video wall, Control Room Management Suite (CMS software), two Genetec screens, a Bosch Voice system, and Telex Dispatch tool. Both Bosch and Genetec are members of Barco’s Strategic Alliance program, in which Barco joins with top industry players to combine complementary strengths for the purpose of optimizing system integration to offer one single solution to the customer. This simplifies deployment, optimizes efficiency, minimizes reaction time, and reduces costs in a variety of selected professional markets.

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