Barco OpSpace impresses companies in Peru

in Control rooms

ProCont 1
The Procont workshop “Innovative Solutions for Control Rooms” in Lima, Peru was the perfect venue to showcase the capabilities of Barco OpSpace, a personalized operator workspace enabling “one view, total control.”
More than 30 companies across various industries attended the event, all seeking ways to boost situational awareness and incident handling in their control rooms. Barco and Procont teamed up to explore their needs and objectives, and demonstrated how OpSpace could help them streamline viewing and sharing of multiple data and video sources via the operator’s desktop.

Manuel Sánchez Espejo, Senior Account Manager at Sapia comments: “The workshop was excellent. Procont has had and open interaction with their customers and guests. As an integrating company, we are aware of many business opportunities where the shown solutions could be employed. Great event, congratulations!”

Sergio Medina Manrique, Mobile Units Coordinator at TV Perú concurs: “It was a pleasure to attend the workshop. We enjoyed it! We are very interested on getting a closer business relationship with your company for the future projects we’re working on.”

ProCont 2OpSpace empowers control room operators with one view, total control – for viewing, monitoring and interacting with multiple clients residing on many networks with different security clearances or liability concerns. All relevant information can be consulted and manipulated within a single pixel space, with just one mouse and keyboard. In this way, the operator is at the center of the information and has all data within easy reach.

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