Russia happily embraces the Barco movie experience

in Cinema

Russia’s Ministry of Culture is on a mission to promote cinema in every corner of the country. Among the many measures implemented to achieve that goal is a large program to facilitate modern film screenings in small cities in the country’s more remote regions. We’re so proud to be the leading supplier of equipment for those cinemas! Altogether, our projectors are already ensuring awesome movie experiences on 3,500 screens in Russia – and there’s much more to come!
High quality, reliability and long lifetime
To highlight its commitment to cinema, Russia’s Culture Ministry established the Cinema Foundation of Russia, better known as Fond Kino, which promotes and support film production, distribution and screening. Moreover, Russia’s president Putin named 2016 ‘the year of cinema’ in Russia, allocating extra funds for the local film industry and film exhibition in remote regions. The projectors of choice for the new theaters? Barco! Most of the exhibitors that participate in the program chose our projectors on account of their high quality, reliability and long lifetimes. Moreover, our professional installation partners were an extra reason for Fond Kino to go Barco.

3,500 screens and more to come

Between 1 January 2016 and today, we installed over 230 projectors in Russia. Most of these were set up by our trusted partner Krisberg, a leading integrator of digital cinema equipment that’s playing a crucial role in Fond Kino’s program. In total, Russian cinemagoers can enjoy the Barco movie experience on over 3,500 screens – in small and large cinemas – around the country.

And there is more to come, as Fond Kino is extending its funding program throughout 2017 and beyond. In fact, it just kicked off the fourth stage of the program, investing 1 milliard rubles – or 14+ million euros – to install new screens. So, we’re looking forward to offering that awesome Barco movie experience to many more Russians in the future!

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