Fascinating Findings on Meeting Success - Infographic

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Fascinating findings on meeting success

Lost your meeting spirit only seconds after the meeting tech fails to work? Have you ever gone to a meeting just for food? Do colleagues arriving late for meetings annoy you terribly? It’ll be no surprise for you to hear that you’re not alone!

 67% of people get irritated by tech failure
 1 in 3 gets distracted by food during a meeting
 86% loses engagement when colleagues arrive late in meetings
In our recent research on the Science of Meeting Success we wanted to see how different factors affected people’s engagement in meetings. In collaboration with research company Myndplay we wanted to uncover the secrets to meeting success. 2,250+ senior business executives across UK, France, Germany, the US, and the UAE, were surveyed via quantitative methods. And our survey results were backed up with a brain mapping technology (EEG) experiment using top four senior business professionals.

Unravel the meeting success mystery with this infographic! Discover our most fascinating findings and tips to make your meetings successful as well.

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