72 Barco medical display solutions help German radprax group enable the best possible patient outcomes

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Radprax, one of the largest medical care center associations in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, is committed to delivering outstanding patient outcomes. That is why it has relied on Barco medical display solutions for years. In July 2017, radprax expanded their display systems with our flagship Coronis Uniti®. “It comes with every feature required to meet our needs – now and in the future,” says radiologist and managing partner Andreas Martin.
See the subtlest details
Coronis Uniti® entered the radprax reading rooms in July 2017 and is mainly used for diagnostics in mammography – a discipline that requires exceptional high-contrast, high-detail images. Coronis Uniti® is a perfect fit. The radprax radiologists praise its high resolution, brightness and contrast; its ability to read images in perfect grayscale and in precisely calibrated color, as well as the way it enhances comfort and efficiency in the reading room. “The SpotView™ productivity feature greatly adds to that,” says Andreas Martin, “as it focuses the radiologist's attention and provides new visual stimuli. This is extremely important for accurate diagnoses.”

72 x reliability, durability and image quality

Besides Coronis Uniti® radprax uses our Coronis Fusion diagnostic displays as well as our clinical and pathology displays – 72 units in total. To ensure outstanding image quality and compliance over time, every display features MediCal QAWeb. “Barco displays are reliable, durable and offer the best image quality – we have nothing than good experiences with Barco,” Andreas Martin concludes.

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