Barco Overture is now available in the Cloud

in Lobby and Experience Centers

Barco has taken the next step in providing a unique experience for integrators, facility and IT Managers (as well as meeting room users) by placing its AV management, monitoring and control solution, Overture, in the Cloud.

Distributors can now place orders and integrators can manage all their subscriptions whether for in-the-cloud or on-premise deployments through our digital portal.

This new platform coincides with the latest Overture release 3.2.0 which offers further automation to its Behaviors 2.0 feature set. It allows you to monitor variables and trigger actions, set up power variables with 4 states (Off/On/Powering Off/Powering On), and create behavior templates. Modifying such a behavior template can easily update hundreds of rooms simultaneously, all without any programming.

To see the latest Overture 3.2.0 features in action, come join our next web demo.

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