Crosstalk in 3D images: a ghost from the past

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3D ghosting

Barco Alchemy now supports RealD Ghostbusting software 

‘Ghosting’ is an effect that can occur when watching 3D images. It looks as if an object is followed by a dimmer trail or subtitles have a visible shadow. Another word for ghosting is ‘crosstalk’. 3D projection separates left- and right-eye images; ghosting arises when a portion of the images goes to the unintended eye.

Reducing artefacts

RealD Ghostbusting presents an improvement for this problem. This software tool reduces 3D ghosting. The latest version (v 1.3.3) of Barco Alchemy, Integrated Cinema Media Processor, now supports RealD’s Ghostbusting Software. The Barco ICMP was already the only cinema server capable of playing back 4K 3D. Thanks to Barco Alchemy your 3D movies will be shown in the best possible quality.

“As the worldwide leader in cinema, we stay close to our customers and partners, in order to offer the right solutions at the right time. Considered as a thing of the past, our product development teams acted fast when the market reported new occurrences of 3D ghosting,” commented Carl Rijsbrack, CMO at Barco.

High-quality images

RealD’s Ghostbusting Software, in conjunction with RealD’s Cinema Systems serves to ensure the highest quality 3D presentation. “As a cinema technology leader, RealD continually strives to perfect visual experience and we are pleased to continue our partnership with Barco,” said RealD’s Vice President of Technology Adam Gromko. 

RealD has the world’s largest 3D cinema platform with nearly 30,000 installed screens and a backlog of a 3,000 additional contracted installations in 72 countries with over 1,200 exhibition partners.

In March 2014, Barco shipped the first units of its Barco Alchemy projectors with onboard ICMP (Integrated Cinema Media Processor). Since then, 15,000 processors of these cinema servers have been installed in the market.

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