Esaote and Barco join forces to improve ultrasound diagnostics

in Healthcare

What do you get when two world leaders in medical imaging join forces? In the case of Esaote and Barco, the result is the groundbreaking MyLab™9 ultrasound system, with its unparalleled imaging performance and advanced features. Presented at ECR 2018 in Vienna, the MyLab™9 system is equipped with Barco’s state-of-the-art 24” Eonis® display for sharp, bright images and exceptional color to ensure perfect visualization.
Consistent image quality
With its focus on image quality and clarity, performance and workflow improvement, MyLab™9 sets a new standard in ultrasound imaging efficiency. Barco’s Eonis display is essential in this, as it provides sharp, bright images and exceptional colors and contrast. What’s more, the unique front sensor automatically aligns the image quality with every use and ensures consistent image quality and brightness.

Partners in brightness
“We want to deliver the best quality, without compromise,” says Luca Bombino, global product marketing manager at Esaote. “That’s why we selected Barco, one of the most renowned companies in radiology, to bring the performance of the MyLab™9 to the next level.”

“Our partnership with Esaote is part of our mission to co-create technology solutions for integrated care,” adds Mark Bultinck, VP of sales EMEA for Barco Healthcare. “By combining our expertise in diagnostic visualization with the skillsets of partners such as Esaote, we can enable better health outcomes for more people.”

Learn more about the MyLab™9 or take a look at Barco’s Eonis displays.

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