Technology and education to improve clinical outcomes (Our mammo history - part 2)

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Barco’s history in mammography started well over 30 years ago, when we started to develop display technology for general radiology applications. Today, 4 out of 5 breast screening centers use Barco mammography displays.

How did we achieve this? “It’s a combination of technological skill, market understanding, good partnerships and education”, according to Geert Carrein, Barco Healthcare’s VP Strategic Marketing.

"As a company, we never lost our focus on clinical outcomes. We launched special display systems that were designed and validated to improve clinical outcomes."
Geert Carrein, Barco’s VP Strategic Marketing Diagnostic Imaging

Barco’s first dedicated mammography display system, based on CRT technology, was introduced in 1999. We continued to build on this, bringing new technologies such as LCD, DuraLight and Per Pixel Uniformity to further enhance image quality and improve clinical workflow.

Barco launched the first display (Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP), cleared by the FDA, for digital breast tomosynthesis. The new RapidFrame™ technology that came along with it was proven to increase detection of small details in moving images by 10%. Our latest innovation (Coronis Uniti®) has even proven to increase detection by up to 30%!1

But it’s not only the technical innovations that made a difference. We also believed we had another part to play: i.e. to educate the market and create awareness around the importance of display technology and its impact on diagnostic accuracy.

"“We’ve always supported and invested in education of the market. Together with our partners, we have supported countless workshops across the globe that educated thousands of radiologists on digital mammography."
Geert Carrein, Barco’s VP Strategic Marketing Diagnostic Imaging

1Tom Kimpe and Albert Xthona. "Quantification of detection probability of microcalcifications at increased display luminance levels." Breast Imaging. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2012. 490-497.

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Geert Carrein
Geert Carrein is Vice President of Strategic Marketing Diagnostic Imaging at Barco. He holds a degree in electrical and electronic engineering as well as a postgraduate Business Administration and Management from the University of Leuven. With over three decades of product management and marketing experience, he is responsible for Barco's diagnostic imaging portfolio worldwide. 

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