Barco supports breast imaging conference in Bruges with Prof. Debra M. Ikeda

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From 26 to 28 April, breast imaging professionals from all over the world will gather in Bruges (Belgium) for ‘Update in Breast Imaging’. This three-day course, organized by ‘Update in Medical Imaging’ (UMI), focuses on sharing current knowledge in imaging science and technology via interactive sessions. As an advocate of education and awareness in mammography, Barco will provide projectors and diagnostic displays for attendees during the workshops.
Update in Medical Imaging
Since 2008, UMI has been organizing state-of-the-art education events for healthcare providers around the globe. UMI’s Breast Imaging course in Bruges will be hosted by Prof. Debra M. Ikeda from Stanford University School of Medicine; a celebrity in the field and author of the book Breast Imaging: The Requisites.

Interactive imaging

Together with internationally renowned keynote speakers, Prof. Ikeda will help to create an open platform where industry, healthcare professionals, and scientists can meet and discuss the latest advances in the field. To help facilitate the interactive sessions, Barco is providing its latest mammography solutions.

‘Update in Breast Imaging’ takes place from 26 to 28 April at Congress Centre Oud Sint-Jan in Bruges. Register via

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