Barco Enterprise solutions take center stage at Infosec IPVS in Iran

in Control rooms

On 29 and 30 April, Barco joined Infosec IPVS Conference in Tehran, Iran. Infosec has been a trusted Barco distributor for two years, introducing our control room solutions to the Iranian market. At their event, we presented our video wall solutions and the ClickShare CSE-200 to professionals from the oil & gas and transportation sectors.

Boosting security in control rooms

Barco has extensive expertise in all types of video wall display solutions. LCD, LED or RGB laser rear-projection, our portfolio has it all in different sizes and resolutions. Our dedicated software and a range of professional services make sure clients get the most out of their video walls. To strengthen our foothold in Iran, we teamed up with Infosec, a leading distributor of high-end security solutions with a special focus on security & surveillance, two years ago. ClickShare is part of the Infosec portfolio , too. After all, our smart wireless meeting room presentation system significantly boosts productivity and speeds up decision-making in control rooms around the world. In fact, more than 40% of the Worlds Global Fortune 100 companies are using ClickShare in their meeting rooms.

Infosec Iran: promoting knowledge

Our video walls as well as our latest star, ClickShare CSE-200, were the eye catchers at Infosec IPVS. The main purpose of the conference is to augment the level of knowledge and expertise in the field of video surveillance systems and security. For Barco, this is a valuable opportunity to communicate face-to-face with both professionals from experienced companies in the industry!

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