Barco launches a revolutionary software-based A/V Control system

Kortrijk, Belgium, 7 February 2017 – Barco, a global leader in networked and visualization solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Overture, its revolutionary software-based A/V Control solution. Because it’s an IP-based system, it’s much simpler and more economical to install, set up and manage Overture than conventional, hardware-based solutions. Any network-connected device with a browser can use Overture to control and monitor equipment − bringing) a new world of flexibility to A/V Control systems.

Conventional A/V Control solutions are typically closed, hardware-based systems, which makes them cumbersome and inflexible. Setting up such systems requires a lot of programming and installation effort. Furthermore, the use of proprietary hardware and controllers adds substantially to the system’s cost. Plus, the distributed nature of such a system requires in-room interventions for all support or maintenance duties. As a result, these A/V Control systems are usually an IT department’s third biggest cost.

Compare this with Overture, an IP-based software system that can be connected to the company’s standard IP network. To add a network-enabled device (projector, display, audio system, blinds, retractable projector screen, …), simply connect it to the network and configure Overture with a web-based interface. That’s it. Overture can work with any device from any brand (as long as the protocol is available). Furthermore, the software follows a natural and logical way of working, which means that every IT or facility staff member can handle system set-up and maintenance.

Managed from a single location

Overture User interface uiOverture is a centralized system. So, only one server is required per company – even when it operates in multiple locations around the world. In each location, software on a simple computer handles local device communication. By adding alerts, the support team can be warned when certain events occur – an overheating projector, for example – so they can take immediate action. And because Overture monitors AV equipment centrally, the technical staff can troubleshoot and correct issues for the entire company remotely, using Overture’s Help Desk interface − significantly reducing time-to-solution and in-room interventions.

As it is completely HTML 5-based, the in-room user interface, which is used to control all the connected devices in the meeting room, can be deployed on any device that has a network connection and a web browser. This eliminates the need for expensive proprietary controllers and touch panels. Furthermore, because the system is configured, rather than programmed, the user interface looks and behaves exactly the same way in every meeting room, in every location, optimizing the user experience.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

“Overture answers all the needs of a traditional A/V Control system, but comes with a much lower Total Cost of Ownership – even compared to the new subscription models the traditional A/V Control manufacturers are offering,” says Alex Carru, General Manager of Barco’s Medialon Division. “It’s a great system for the meeting room users, and it takes the IT and facility staff a lot less time to set up and manage. Overture is also less expensive to set up because it uses minimal hardware components – which, by the way, are not proprietary but economical and ruggedly tested off-the-shelf models. It’s completely modular, so additional devices, rooms, and even locations, can be added later without a problem. It’s truly a knock-out A/V Control system for any meeting room!”

Experience Overture’s first public performance at Barco’s ISE booth (H12-F100), or visit

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