Barco upgrades Shell Virtual Reality Center in Rijswijk, The Netherlands

To improve interpretation and modeling of seismic data, Shell International Exploration & Production BV (Shell) commissioned Barco to upgrade its Virtual Reality Center in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. Existing CRT projectors were replaced by Barco's three-chip DLPTM projectors, resulting in far brighter images in native resolution for more accurate analysis. Thanks to proprietary technology included in the Barco DLPTM projectors, Shell was able to achieve native SXGA resolution (1280x1024 pixels) with the existing single pipe image generator and also to display three channel stereo programs running on a single PC.

To upgrade the visualization capabilities of the Shell three-channel Reality Center in Rijswijk, Barco replaced three CRT projectors with Galaxy Warp three chip DLP™ projectors. By implementing Barco's Stereo-Creator the system was able to attain the required high-native SXGA resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels) with the existing single pipe SGI Onyx image generator.

Picture 1 : Shell, Rijswijk - 3D Reality Center
Photo courtesy of Shell International Exploration and Production B.V., the Netherlands

“One pipe image generators, such as the SGI Onyx driving a three-channel visualization display are quite popular,” explains Wim Maes, Sales Manager for Barco's Virtual & Augmented Reality business. “They create a large and stable image with a nice image depth in which nearly any application can be run. Moreover, the
single pipe mode is compatible with nearly all software applications. Many installations still working with CRT projectors are looking to shift to brighter DLP™ projectors. However, common standard DLP™ projectors need a very high, 96 frames-per-second signal. Obtaining this high frequency rate from the image generator limits the computer graphics system to a maximum resolution of XGA (1024x768pixels) and calls for additional scalers, warping and blending boxes. Thanks to the Barco “Stereo-Creator", which automatically adapts the frame rate, single-pipe image generators can now be set to the much higher SXGA resolution (1280x1024pixels), delivering images with far superior detail without the need for additional equipment.”

Picture 2 : Barco Stereo-Creator delivers SXGA resolution (1280x1024pixels) images with far superior detail without the need for any additional equipment

At Shell Rijswijk complementary programs are run from a PC with an NVIDIA graphics card thanks to Barco’s standard built-in proprietary i-Blend technology for active stereo projection. This technology produces two- or three-channels with blend at full resolution from a single high bandwidth PC or workstation (>170 MHz). Because of the exceptional high bandwidth, each Barco Galaxy projector can easily handle the total signal and define the appropriate split and overlap zone to produce a blended left, middle, and right channel. i-Blend eliminates the need for expensive and bandwidth-limiting intermediate image processing boxes, often causing annoying artifacts. The projector’s high bandwidth is maintained, resulting in a higher image quality.

Barco installed all necessary cabling and designed the software for the intuitive control of all image and sound sources via a wireless Crestron touch panel. This provides complete control over the visualization in the Reality Center. Shell Rijswijk sets a new standard for research teams from different disciplines to efficiently work together to interpret and discuss subsurface data and models.

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