Brazilian Army outfits simulator training facilities with Barco high-fidelity projectors

Sacramento, Calif. USA – 2 December 2015 – Barco, a global leader in visualization technology, in collaboration with high-tech engineering company Tecnobit, is supplying its simulation projectors for a new platform to provide education, training and doctrine to the Brazilian Army’s artillery crews.
Simulation plays a key role in army training as a more cost-effective and safer alternative to live scenarios designed to prepare battalions for action. The Brazilian Army commissioned the development of two Fire Support Simulators (SIMAF) to provide joint and modular full training in areas such as terrain survey, target acquisition, tracking, mission planning and preparation, integrating all artillery subsystems in double-action exercises.

Tecnobit designed the SIMAF facility comprising three observation rooms, and created a three-projector system with Barco’s high-performance FL32 series models to produce a seamless image covering 150 degrees x 45 degrees on a cylindrical screen. An additional auditorium features three high-performance F-32 projectors presenting on a nine meter x three meter screen.

The Barco projectors are highly customizable and provide the extremely high fidelity, seamless edge blending and precise color management needed to simulate real-life situations on the battlefield. These projectors provide today's most reliable and advantageous investment in immersive visualization, from the environment setup to the end user's training improvement. They also offer high reliability and a long lifespan, making them a worthwhile investment.

First in image quality and reliability
Geared with single-chip DLP technology, the F32 projector generates stable, high-contrast images with deeply saturated colors. Each model can be calibrated to exacting color standards, customizing brightness and contrast levels to the user’s specific needs. Its intelligent active cooling system ensures extended reliability and lifetime, offering closer control of all key projector components.

The FL32 projector offers the advantages of solid state ReaLED technology, with Barco’s unique, patented optical design for consistent light output, accurate colors and stable performance. Its minimal power consumption, maintenance-free illumination (no lamps to change), and 100,000-hour lifetime results in a low total cost of ownership.

Purpose-built for graphically challenging applications
“We understand the need for accurate visuals and unfailing performance in these intense simulated environments,” comments Dave Fluegeman, Vice President Simulation for Barco. “Our projectors feature ultra-high resolution, ruggedness, and can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of applications to achieve the highest degree of realism.”

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