ClickShare plugs into simplicity in over 100,000 meeting rooms

Kortrijk, Belgium, 10 February 2016 – Barco, a global leader in corporate visualization solutions, proudly announces that over 100,000 units of its revolutionary ClickShare wireless presentation and collaboration system have been installed. Reaching this milestone positions ClickShare at the forefront of the Corporate AV technology market, on the verge of becoming a must-have in every meeting room.

Barco introduced ClickShare to the market over 3 years ago to enable better collaboration and easier sharing in meeting rooms. The innovative product − revolutionary in its ease of use − created immediate excitement in the press and in the market by enabling content from laptops and mobile devices to be shared on the central meeting room display in a very straightforward manner. It was obvious that ClickShare answered the needs of a lot of companies that had been struggling with their meeting room visualization systems for years. By introducing the ClickShare Button, which allows the presenter to display content on the central screen with just one click, the system sets itself apart from competing systems which are more complex – and therefore unpopular with users.

Growing popularity
In the past 3 years, the system’s popularity – and sales – have gradually taken off. “ClickShare is a system users need to feel for themselves to be truly convinced,” Jan Willem Brands, VP Collaboration at Barco, explains. “When they click that button for the first time − and experience how easy it really is − people realize what they’ve been missing. So, word of mouth has become a very strong factor in ClickShare’s conquest of the world’s meeting rooms.” Furthermore, ClickShare’s popularity in the hospitality sector (where it’s almost a standard part of a hotel’s meeting room equipment) has enabled a huge number of people to become familiar with the product through hotel meetings.

ClickShare combo CSC-1 CS-100 CSE-200The recent release of the CS-100 and CSE-200, two new units in the ClickShare product family which specifically target the small and medium-sized meeting rooms market, again expands the reach of Barco’s ClickShare offering. These cost-effective solutions join the CSM-1 and the fully featured CSC-1 models, forming a portfolio that meets the needs of every type of meeting room.

Celebrating market acceptance
“As we celebrate the 100,000th installation, we’re also celebrating ClickShare’s definite market acceptance,” Jan Willem Brands continues. “You can find a unit in the meeting rooms of many Fortune 500 companies, and a lot of big company-wide roll-outs are scheduled for the near future. Collaboration is becoming extremely important in knowledge-working environments. Users demand flexible, easy-to-use technology that simply facilitates getting their message across − and ClickShare provides an excellent answer to these needs.”

The CS-100 and CSE-200 units will have their trade show premiere at the Barco booth at ISE (Amsterdam, 9-12 February, booth 11-F100). Join us there for more information and hands-on trials.

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