First League Football Team Excelsior Mouscron to Install BARCO DLite Outdoor LED Display System

Royal Excelsior Mouscron takes next step in the commercial development of team

BARCO proudly announced it has sold a DLite outdoor LED display to Royal Excelsior Mouscron, one of the strongest growing teams in Belgium’s Premier Football league. From the National Championship 2001 – 2002 onwards, this display at Le Canonnier will offer the sports fanatics front row seats for all games and events. It will also open new, dynamic advertising opportunities for sponsors and allow the team to use its stadium for more than just football games.
Since the promotion into the Premier League back in 1995, Royal Excelsior Mouscron has obtained many successes, the most important of which is the ticket for the Uefacup in 1996. Further, Mouscron has become one of the biggest teams in the Belgian Football League with a “home base”, which can host more than 10,000 people and has been expanded to become a multifunctional complex for sports events as well as for meetings, congresses, banquets, and other events.

“During the last decades, Royal Excelsior Mouscron has played a leading role in the economical expansion of the region. Moreover, the commercial development is one of the most important aspects for the consistent growth of a team,” said Gino Gylain, Managing Director Royal Excelsior Mouscron. “During the last years, Le Canonnier has become a multifunctional complex: a football stadium, the Futurosport sports complex, and a congress center with multiple conference rooms and a high-profile restaurant for all seminars, meetings, dinners and banquets. In order to serve our enthusiastic supporters and loyal sponsors in an even better way, we are now taking a next step in the development of our stadium, installing an innovative BARCO DLite visualization system.”

This BARCO DLite 14 outdoor LED display will allow Excelsior Mouscron to entertain its supporters before the games and during the half-times with dynamic live-images and video clips. During the games, the visualization system can be used as an infotainment billboard or a scoreboard. In addition, the DLite opens new opportunities for the many sponsors of the team. Beside the existing advertising signs, they can now invest in dynamic commercials to pull the focus on their products and services. Finally, Excelsior Mouscron will be able to use its stadium for more than just the football games of the local team: for live broadcasts of other games, concerts, product launches, … and other entertainment applications.

Jean-Pierre Detremmerie, President of Royal Excelsior Mouscron, stated: ”A project as prestigious and high profile as the ‘Le Canonnier Board’ warrants the installation of only the best quality products. BARCO is worldwide known for their high quality and incredible reliability. Put on top of that the astonishing picture quality of the LED daylight displays and one can imagine that the decision to install their product was an easy one. Furthermore, BARCO were easy negotiators and as a Belgian company, they were able to guarantee us quick service and maintenance.”

Jean-Pierre Paret, Managing Director BARCO Sales & Services Belgium, commented: ”Royal Excelsior Mouscron is one of the key players in Belgium’s Premier Football League. Therefore, we are proud they decided to invest in BARCO’s visualization technology. The BARCO DLite will provide outstanding live images and video clips as well as extremely attractive advertising spots before and during the games. Mouscron’s fanatics and sponsors are going to be thrilled with the images they see on this innovative technology.”

BARCO’s DLite Series Daylight Display Systems
BARCO’s DLite 14 features an impressive light output up to 5,000 uniform NITs and extremely wide viewing angles. BARCO’s innovative Dual Pixel Technology offers a high visual resolution, allowing for a smoother picture, shorter viewing distance and great performance. BARCO has included proprietary technologies to deliver perfect video and graphics performance over the entire display regardless of size, shape or resolution. The modular concept of the system guarantees optimal flexibility, seamless pictures and easy maintenance of the modules from the back and the front of the display. BARCO’s DLite features built-in intelligence that enables auto-configuration and allows hot swapping of tiles without interrupting the display of the pictures.

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