New graphical planetarium of the Science Museum of Valladolid immerses visitors in 3D universe through Barco “I-DOME” projection system

Kuurne, Belgium – The new graphical planetarium of the Museum of Valladolid zooms visitors through a three-dimensional solar system. Full 3D effects and highest resolution pictures contribute to an unprecedented realism. The total graphical concept of R.S.A.Cosmos visualizes the Hipparcos Catalogue with over117 000 objects presenting the solar system. Barco’s “I-DOME” integrated all dome digital projection system allows the planetarium to widen its scope and engage in exciting new applications.

The building of the Valladolid Museum, dating back to the 19th century, restored by the architects Rafael Moneo and Enrique de Teresa, is an impressive urban realization. One of its most important parts is the Planetarium. After thorough research of existing planetariums throughout the world, the Science Museum decided to equip the planetarium, choosing for the total graphical concept of R.S.A.Cosmos and Barco’s newest state-of-the-art “I-DOME” projection.

At the Planetarium of Valladolid the Barco “I-DOME” projection allowed to eliminate the central opto-mechanical projector, as its projection system covers the total planetarium dome. The proprietary developed high-resolution projectors of the “I-DOME” are located in the perimeter of the dome. They feature extra digital electronics and real time penta semu software incorporating the blending and predistortion necessary to make multi-channel data result in one single huge hemispherical image. Especially impressive is the capability to project the Zenith part from a projector positioned in the perimeter of the planetarium, thus making room for extra visitor seats.


The Barco “I-DOME” at Valladolid uses six state of the art BarcoReality 909 planetarium projectors, of which three are split pack versions. This version allows placing the projector head separate from the electronics chassis, often a must when space is limited.

For accurate alignment of all projected images and easy maintenance, laser array alignment units are placed immediately underneath the projectors. The lasers project reference points on the dome, allowing for accurate adjustment and periodic realignment of the projection system.


Using the full potential of modern computers, Barco’s “I-DOME” is capable of projecting millions of colors in a complete dark environment. Visitors no longer just stare up at the starry skies, but can be taken out to a satellites view of the Earth and zoomed to various points in the galaxy. Full 3D effects and highest resolution pictures contribute to an unprecedented realism. “By taking charge of the complete visualisation part of the planetarium, “explains Eric Braux, Barco Edutainment Product Group Manager, “the I-DOME offers the flexibility to use other image generators and other formats in the future. But most important of all, it will open up new perspectives for planetariums. Just imagine taking advantage of the dome’s impressive projection system for a virtual tour of Nefertari’s Tomb - considered the most beautiful in Egypt’s Valley of the Queens and no longer open to the public. Imagine....”

Barco engineers designed the complete visualization system. The exact positioning of the projectors is of major importance, as the slightest misplacement of a projector would immediately result in a very obvious misalignment within the total image. The BarcoReality 909 planetarium projectors combine 1 600 by 1 200 pixel format graphics, totalling over 11.5 million pixels onto the 11m-diameter dome.

“The teaming up of R.S.A.Cosmos and Barco has resulted in a unique solution, reaching visualisation performances that will revolutionize the world of planetariums” explains Christophe Bertier, general manager of R.S.A.Cosmos, ”The image generators use the full resolution of the Barco projectors, whatever their working mode. Manual or automatic real time astronomic simulation or full dome video projection: the result is a high quality starry sky allowing for surprising presentations of the universe, for virtual tours in databases or full dome video”.

“We are very pleased with the installation”, said Fernando Mauléon of Arbayun Ingenieros S.L, the Spanish representative of R.S.A.Cosmos, “the planetarium solution developed conjointly by Barco and R.S.A.Cosmos is fantastic”

The “Museo de la Ciencia de Valladolid” was officially inaugurated by the President of the Spanish Government accompanied by the Mayor of Valladolid and other authorities on March 29. For the public the opening from the planetarium is scheduled for end of July. You are Welcome.

About Barco
Barco, an international company headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, is active in three key areas of imaging technology. Barco designs and develops solutions for large screen visualization, display solutions for life-critical applications, and systems for visual inspection. Barco has a network of subsidiaries, distributors and agents in almost 100 countries. Barco is quoted on Brussels/Euronext and is a
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About R.S.A.Cosmos
R.S.A.Cosmos, French planetarium manufacturer, designs, manufactures and sells planetarium equipment for all kind of end-users (astronomy associations and clubs, schools, universities, museums and entertainment parks). R.S.A.Cosmos has developed a new type of planetarium using Barco technology, which is completely graphical. The solution developed is the latest high-end solution for graphical planetarium including 3D graphical sky and solar system simulation, combined with an all-sky video system. R.S.A.Cosmos has the capability to supply turnkey planetarium solutions from building design up to show contents.

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